How to Bring a Woman to Orgasm?

How to Bring a Woman to Orgasm?

If you use these , then the question of how to bring an escort to orgasm will never appear before you again. You can always sexually satisfy your woman and bring her to orgasm in bed much more often.

1. Get rid of stress

Fatigue and accumulated stress often become obstacles to true bliss. So take 20 minutes or even an hour to relax in a comfortable environment before doing activities in bed.

Ask the escort what helps her recover. A bath, a walk, sports, cooking, heart-to-heart conversations, a glass of wine - whatever, as long as it works.

2. Add romance

You can play some calm, romantic music. Start talking, because women love with their ears. Tell her something gentle, compliment her to make her feel welcome. For escorts, the details of a love meeting are usually very significant: the light, aroma, and texture of the bed linen, the music, the words that the beloved says to her - all this is much more important for them than for their partners.

But if you make them feel comfortable and spoiled, they will return the favor and blow your mind in bed.

3. Start with foreplay

To quickly bring your lady to orgasm, it is best to start with foreplay, this is what most escorts love.

Before starting this, it takes about 20 minutes to warm up (kissing, caressing). Ladies need time to get aroused and develop enough lubrication to feel good.

Here are some ways to warm up: kiss each other on the lips - in every possible way (softly, persistently, with a tongue, without it)

○ kiss each other on the neck, ears, and other parts of the face, while remaining dressed      

○ caress each other through clothes      

○ roll on the bed while wearing your clothes      

○ undress each other      

○ stroke, kiss and caress your partner's breasts      

○ play with her nipples: roll them gently between your toes, suck, pull or pinch if it excites her      

○ stroke and kiss each other's naked bodies without staying anywhere for a long time. Many women say they like it when their partner teases them for a while, touching their genitals, and then starting to fondle them again in other places.      

You can also shower or bathe together, laugh, joke, and fool around. Show your imagination!


5. Take care of her clitoris

When both of you are warm enough, move on to the main thing - clitoral stimulation. Start by gently touching her clitoris, and have her tell you when you can increase the pressure. Do this as much as necessary. In general, women need 15 to 45 minutes to orgasm.

Before you caress the clitoris with your fingertip, do not forget to moisturize it, or go straight in with your tongue. There is no special instruction according to which you should fondle a escort - act on a whim and track how she responds to your touch. If the escort is already "turned on", then she begins to moan, flinch and press your head to her. Your task at this moment is by no means to stop and pay attention only to which touching points of her genitals cause a positive reaction in her.

Before the onset of orgasm, the clitoris contracts in size. At the peak of pleasure, the escort begins uncontrolled muscle contractions, and she moves away from your face or hand. This is due to the fact that after orgasm, the clitoral area becomes hypersensitive, and any touch to it becomes unpleasant.

A satisfied partner will certainly help you make all your wildest fantasies come true. Check out the huge selection of reviews website so you can choose some naughty escorts to help you with your lack of experience.

6. Add lubricant

Many women experience vaginal dryness. An unpleasant phenomenon is especially typical for slender escorts and women who have recently become mothers. Better to play it safe and buy a jar of lubricant. Without being distracted from the main action, add lubricant as needed.

After the first orgasm, the release of natural lubrication practically stops. The activity of the Bartholin glands decreases. Slippery fluid may not be enough for painless intercourse to continue.

7. Penetration

According to statistics, it is much easier to achieve orgasm by stimulating the clitoris than with penetration. There is also evidence that states that about half of all women are physiologically unable to experience orgasm through partner penetration.

For this reason, it is necessary not only to tune the escort for emotional and physical intimacy but also to conduct some reconnaissance in battle. In different poses, different areas inside the escort's vagina are involved, you need to pay attention to which position and movements are most pleasurable for your escort. If you’re quite inexperienced, the escorts from can teach you a thing or two.

favorite with almost every escort. The whole point is that during intercourse, she herself controls the whole process. She can: regulate the speed of movements, control the depth of immersion, stop at moments of passion, sit down to the very end at that very peak. All this allows her to feel like the boss on this bed, which certainly gives her more confidence and pleasure. 

also popular with the ladies. So she can lie on her stomach and completely relax, succumb to male strength and will. She does not need to strain, since the man will do everything himself. A relaxed female body will receive only pleasure and pleasure from what is happening, so the orgasm will be pleasant and long-lasting. Making love in the "Frog" sex position, escorts may think that their partner's penis is much larger than the actual size, which is why this position is a favorite among most men, especially among people of modest size.

allows the escort to completely relax, but unlike the position from behind, she will lie in a comfortable position for herself. She can spread her legs as she wishes and hug her man. In this position, the man should move in time with the female body, but at the same time, he can kiss her breasts, as well as the neck and lips. This allows you to increase stimulants of pleasure and provide her an incredible experience. Also, this position allows the escort to achieve not one, but several orgasms at once, which will certainly be an excellent advantage.

Imlive Live Sex Cam Review

Imlive Live Sex Cam Review

Imlive was started in the year 2002 and currently, it has crossed 62 million users with more than 80000 registered models throughout the world. Next to and Chaturbate it is probably the most well known cam site.

In fact, Imlive won the AVN award for being the Best Live Chatting Site in the year 20011 and 2012. Also, it won the title of being the Best 18+ Webcam Company in the year 2012. The records didn't stop here. In the year 2012, this site won the affiliate award for the Live Cam Program.

The Interface of Imlive Sex Cam Site

You feel some next-level vibes from this site. From the very front page, you can navigate to several types of cam, but within a few minutes, it will become clear that this website is only oriented towards solo female models. At a single time, you can find nearly 500 models online. They even have a wide selection of to choose from. That's huge!

The front page has a dropdown bar that lets users filter their search. In addition to just searching by gender or couples, users can look for shy girls, outdoor cams, and threesomes as well.

Features of Imlive Sex Cam Site

Hey, have you ever thought to control the model’s vibrators and sex toys? If yes, BINGO. ImLive offers the users the features to control the models' vibrators and toys at some credentials. Your direct action will decide the pleasure and behavior of the models which is extremely satisfying.

On the first page, you will find a drop-down menu. With the help of that drop-down menu, you can navigate and filter your search in terms of gender, solo, couples, etc. Including, you can search for shy girls, threesome sex, outdoor sex, bold girls, and the list goes on.

Pricing Plans and Membership of Imlive Sex Cam Site

Just like other websites, ImLive offers a free and paid membership plan. Once you sign up to the site and upgrade your account, you can;

  • Message different hosts

  • Use emojis in the chat

  • Take part in monthly parties

  • Take part in free live chatting

  • Control the host's sex toy and vibrators remote

Depending upon your credits purchase, you get different tiers: Bronze level, Silver Level, Gold Level, and VIP Level. You can purchase credits for $1 per credit. The price of a chat is between $1 to $6 per minute.

Users Review

According to the viewers, the vibrator controlling and the pornstar shows are extremely satisfying. However, the site is declining as it's highly paid and doesn't have many varieties.

People claim Imlive for being a scam. They may have been established earlier, but as the recent era has changed the site should upgrade itself.

The trans people aren't satisfied enough with the user experience. As mentioned earlier, you will clearly feel the platform dominating with solo female performers.

This is the reason why the site which was winning tons of awards in the past isn't doing well in the recent era. The new lifestyle gives equal preference to trans and makes models. These models are in great demand, but unfortunately, Imlive is still living in the old days.

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